About us

Power Media Group is the only independent online publisher in Balkans, with infotainment websites targeting mostly women.

With more than 4 million monthly visits, 240000 Facebook fans with reach larger than 1 million people, more than 45000 Twitter followers and growing Instagram fanbase, PMG sites have the power to get you to your desired target group.

When it comes to our target group, those are news thirsty people and shopping lovers– young fashionable women, highly educated, open-minded, big spenders.

Our websites are one of a kind when it comes to targeting just different people for your cause.

Our Brands

Tracara.com, premium celebrity website updated 24/7 with news about celebrities, exclusive report on entertainment events around the world, highlighting lifestyle and fashion. The only independent celebrity website in Balkans. / visit

Savrsena.com is women empowering portal, made for modern, independent women. Inspired and made by women for women, it has unique content with tutorials, DIY videos and overall health advices. / visit

Teenstar.rs is free online magazine and website for millenials and teens, following lives of teenage stars, fashion trends and techonolgies, with core target group of boys and girls from 15 to 30 years old. / visit

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You need it - we got it. Real people.
Our brands reaching exactly who you need.
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